Friday, January 2, 2015

Julia & Al's Awesome Doctor Who Wedding: Through All of Time and Space :)

Julia & Al first met when they were in high school, when they both attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute (where we went for their super-fun engagement session at the end of the summer). In the years since then, they've added a few adorable cats to their family, and have supported and encouraged each other as they blossomed into the amazing and lovely people they are today. They're the kind of couple where you can see that each one makes the other a stronger and better person, which is such an amazing and beautiful thing :)
Not only did we immediately like Julia & Al as people, but they had one of the greatest wedding themes imaginable - at least to those of us who are Doctor Who fans! Starting with a TARDIS ring box at their proposal, through to entering their reception to the theme music from Doctor Who, there were so many whimsical and romantic details that gave a nod to the show. They had a playful and perfect day, and also had the perfect venue: The Doctor's House in Kleinburg ;)
Join me on the adventure of re-living this great day..
Bow ties - YES! 
Julia & Al had written letters to each other, and asked me if they could read them as part of their First Look.. it made for a very touching and sweet start to their time together on their big day :)
Did I mention they had a life-sized TARDIS? Because they did, and it was fantastic!

 All of the romance of the day was balanced nicely by the couple's sense of humour ;)
 Kissing under a portrait of Queen Victoria.. who may or may not be a werewolf ;)

The big picture windows at the back of The Doctor's House were a beautiful backdrop for photos :)

 And then we moved upstairs for the ceremony - the fire added a lovely touch to the cozy atmosphere!

{I love this epic first kiss shot! Thanks Julia for suggesting it :D} 
Julia & Al signed the registry using this sonic screwdriver pen, and guests were assigned a key to walk through the TARDIS into the reception hall :) The sunflower centerpieces were a nod to the "VanGogh" episode (which was a fantastic one and brought tears to my eyes!), and check out that awesome cake-topper!
Making a grand entrance through the TARDIS, and then lots of fun with the traditional Hora and Greek dancing to honour both of their family backgrounds
It's much bigger inside than it looks from the outside ;)

 A special treat: Al's brother Christopher really got the party started with his awesome djembe skills!
 Bridal Party TARDIS photobooth!

 A few last shots of the happy couple at the end of their very happy day :)
Julia & Al: you guys are great and your wedding day was magic :) May your futures be a romantic adventure through time and space together!
Jessica + Norman

Maureen & Matthew's Winter Engagement Session at the Distillery District :)

Maureen & Matthew are one of those couples who almost seem to have a language of their own.. they don't exactly read each others minds - but it's pretty close ;) To spend time around the two of them isn't to feel left out of this close circle though, it's actually the opposite: they are both so warm and personable that we immediately felt like we were part of their secret gang too :)
There were two things I particularly loved about Maureen & Matthew's engagement session (other than the fantastic locations!) - the first was how cozy and snuggly they were together, and the second was how often they made each other laugh :) Here are some of my favourite images from their session..
One of my favourite places in Toronto this time of year: the Distillery District :) It's hard to beat the atmosphere of all those little lights, especially with a cup of hot chocolate keeping you warm!

Maureen & Matthew: you two are adorable and were such fun to photograph :) We can't wait for your wedding day!!

Jessica + Norman

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Liz & Joe - Romantic Downtown Christmas Engagement Session :)

Liz & Joe are one of the sweetest couples I've ever met :) They wanted a Christmas-y feel to their engagement session, so we headed downtown to be right in the heart of all the evergreen and Christmas light action! Here are some of my favourite images from their cozy winter session..

 We thought that a trip to the poutine truck would be a perfect warm-up..
And then headed over to the skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square, just in time for it to light up like a fairy tale :)
Liz & Joe: we had so much fun with you guys, and couldn't believe how well you endured the chilly weather! We can't wait for your wedding this spring :D
Jessica + Norman

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Super-Smiley Baby Kayla at 18 months :)

Since we last photographed her for her first birthday, little Kayla has acquired lots more teeth and a huge vocabulary! She was up to over 400 words a couple of weeks ago, which means that everything you say gets echoed back, and everything she sees gets proudly announced :) She loves to colour and chase her kitty around for hugs, and by the time we'd left that day had added two other words to her repertoire: "Jessica" and "Norman" :D
She was also pretty awe-struck by the Christmas lights :)
 My new assistant, helping take a picture of Mommy & Daddy :)
 And THIS: Kym spent about a million hours making their Halloween costumes this year - with awesome results! (That's Rainbow Brite and Twink, for those of you who weren't 80's children ;) )
Thanks again Kym & Adam - I can't wait to see what new skills and words Kayla has figured out by the next time we see her! What a super-sweet little girl :D

xo Jessica + Norman

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Solene & Jerome's Adorable Fall Family Portrait Session :)

Last weekend we had the pleasure of going to Riverdale Farm with one of the sweetest families :) From the minute we first said "hello!", Solene's beautiful smile absolutely melted my heart.. Jerome kept his smiles a bit more secretive, but when he shared them they were pretty adorable too :)
Here are some of my favourite images from this super-fun and relaxed family session..
When it comes to photographing families, these sorts of images are my favourite - the ones that aren't posed, but just show the family hanging out and goofing around together - and I feel like they're also the ones that actually capture childhood and the chaotic joy of having a young family the best :)
Not only did we visit some of the animals at the farm while we were there, but Cynthia, Jean-Pierre, and the kids had the perfect Halloween costumes to fit in with the barn setting!
Cynthia & Jean-Pierre: both of you and your adorable kids were so much fun to photograph - thank you for allowing us to capture these memories for you, and for having such a great group Halloween costume! :)

Jessica + Norman

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meg & Michelle's Romantic Autumn Wedding at the Elm Hurst Inn :)

Meg & Michelle first met years ago, when Michelle commented on a story that Meg had posted online. That email sparked a correspondence that turned into a friendship, and before they knew it, that friendship had turned into a romance :) After years of long-distance phone calls, and cross-border visits, these two lovely ladies officially joined their futures together with a lovely and intimate ceremony at the Elm Hurst Inn. It was a perfect fall day, and a very personal and beautiful celebration :) Here are some of my favourite images from the day..
We picked this tiny and intricate gazebo as the perfect place for their first look :)
 The Elm Hurst Inn was a beautiful location.. one of my favourite spots was this golden entryway with beautiful architectural details - it was cozy and glowy, perfect for a few pre-ceremony pictures of the happy couple!
 In spite of a rainy forecast, we were blessed with a gorgeous crisp sunny afternoon - perfect for
Meg & Michelle's ceremony in the valley behind the Inn :) The two dads were very helpful in decorating the gazebo while we were doing photos with the ladies.
 Meg & Michelle wrote their own vows, and they were some of the most romantic and heart-felt lines I've ever heard :) They had also written love letters to each other, which were sealed in a box to be opened and read together on their 10th anniversary
 The guests threw rose petals at the newlyweds as they walked back up the aisle together :)
This small dining room was so perfect for the number of guests and also for the vintage feel that
Meg & Michelle had wanted for their wedding - as the sun went down there was a spectacular glow to all the gold details :) The other great thing about having such an intimate space was that it was possible to cover almost every inch of available space with tea lights and roses! {believe it or not, Meg did all the flowers with the exception of the boutonnieres. Her own bouquet, the arrangements at the ceremony, and countless little lacey vases full of roses for the reception - and they looked amazing!}
Martha Zacharias from Every Occasion Cakes did an amazing job working from a vintage design that Meg had found, and also made all the cupcakes - not only was it all beautiful, but also delicious! Meg is also quite a baker, and did all the baking for the cookie buffet - a tradition throughout parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. "Guarding" the cooking buffet was a sweet picture of Chubbs the Wampug, who perfectly combines Meg's love of pugs and Michelle's love of Star Wars!
As the sunlight faded, the candles added even more romance to the atmosphere :)
Enjoying each other, and their perfect day :)
One last little bit of magic - we all headed outside while Meg & Michelle released a Chinese lantern, which floated up into the sky with their wish and the happy wishes of everyone present :)

Meg & Michelle: You two had such a perfectly romantic day, and it was unbelievably full of personal details. All of your hard work and thoughtfulness resulted in a day that was completely unique and absolutely suited the two of you! It was a pleasure to be part of your family for this day, and we wish you a future filled with as much warmth and joy as your wedding day :)

Jessica + Norman

venue: Elm Hurst Inn
Meg's makeup: AM Pro Makeup Artistry
Meg's hair: Kendall at Roots to Ends Hair Studio
linens, cake stands, dinnerware rentals: njs design
cake and cupcakes: Every Occasion Cakes by Martha Zacharias
officiant: Lori Siska
cellist: Kate Woodman
photography: Jessica + Norman, Jessica Lin Photography

{Are you planning a wedding that's intimate in scale and very personal in details? That's our speciality, so if so we'd love to hear from you :) Fill out our contact form here or email now to check availability!}

Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby Oliver's First Halloween :)

It's hard to believe that it was already a few months ago when we hung out with Baby Oliver and his family at the CNE for his 3 month session, but time flies and now at almost 6 months old, we got to see him dressed up in his first Halloween costume :) He was the sweetest fuzzy little skunk I've ever seen! Fall leaves are also a new thing for him, so it was super-cute to watch him discover the joys of them too..
Big Brother Cameron was a Canada Goose this year, and did some spectacular flying around the park, along with occasional  pauses to pose and show off his great wings!
I love these colourful fall family shots :)
When I asked Cameron about his new hat ("What kind of beaver are you?"), he didn't hesitate before answering that he was "an honourable beaver" {this is why I love working with kids!} 
Talk about time flying, it was almost 7 years ago now that I photographed Sarah & Mike (aka Mommy & Daddy) for their engagement session in this same park :) 

Sarah & Mike: We had lots of fun running around in the fall leaves with you two and your little guys :) It has been such a pleasure capturing the past 7 years for you, and we can't wait to see Oliver's first teeth come in!

Jessica + Norman