Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newborn Cameron - One Week Old

I first met Sarah & Mike (and their cats Chewy and Roy) in 2007, when they were planning their wedding and asked me to be their photographer. From their engagement shoot at High Park, to their beautiful lake-side wedding, to the experience of creating an album of their favourite images, they have been a lovely couple to work with. Norman & I also photographed Sarah's sister Janine and her husband Jon's wedding a few months ago, so by now we sort of feel like part of the family. We were actually at their place for dinner (along with Janine & Jon) the night before Baby Cameron arrived in the world, so when we came to photograph him a week later we felt as if we knew him already :)

And now - without further ado - we would like to introduce you to... Baby Cameron!

Sarah is a super-talented knitter, and she knit this beautiful pennant piece to hang above her Little Man's crib (love the colour combinations!) as well as the matching blanket to go in the crib

Mike - a very proud Papa :)

Cameron kept a close (tiny) eye on us most of the time we were there...

One of the perks of being a knitter is that you know other knitters, and they make you awesome baby things like this little elf hat made by Sarah's friend Jana...not only did she knit the hat, she actually dyed and spun the yarn herself!

The challenge with Baby Cameron is that he didn't seem too happy to be put down anywhere - the best part about that is that we ended up getting loads of really sweet images of him being held close by Mommy and Daddy :)

Even though Cameron is only a week old, we were both touched by how comfortable and natural both Sarah & Mike were with their Little Guy :)

This blanket below was made by a group of Sarah's friends who started a tradition when the first one of them had a baby about a year ago - each friend makes a square, and it's called the "Auntie Blanket" because it was made by all the baby's "Aunties" - I love cozy handmade traditions and I think this is one of the best ones I've ever heard of :)

This blanket (below), along with most of the sweaters below, were made by Sarah's awesome knitting friends from the Knit CafĂ© on Queen West. 

(Sarah told us that Cameron has his Daddy's toes..)

What we found when we peeked in Cameron's closet.. he'll be a cosy baby this winter!

Auntie Janine, finishing off the re-covering of the Hollands' family bassinet - both Sarah & Janine, along with a few cousins, slept in this as babies. Now it's Cameron's turn..

Love this smile :)

Getting sleepy...

We were sure that Mommy, Daddy and Baby all must have slept well after such an exciting afternoon! It was such an honour to be a part of this very special week in their lives, and we look forward to watching their family grow :) 
(P.S. We apologize to Sarah's parents, the proud new Grandparents of Baby Cameron, for hogging the Little Guy while they were visiting - hopefully the pictures make up for it!)

xo Jessica + Norman

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  1. Hi Mike and Sarah..Even tho i was there at the shoot i think these are awesome and show how wonderful Cameron is and how brilliantly you both have done,CONGRATULATIONS.. To be honest if that hat had have fitted me i would have knicked it lol... Good luck..Norman


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